Nia tero recognizes an inseparable connection between indigenous peoples and vital ecosystems within their territories. We created nia tero because we want to help both thrive.


What We Do

For millennia, indigenous peoples have thrived through connection with their territorial lands and waters. These connections between people and place have shaped societies that sustain some of the most vital natural systems on the planet. Nia Tero exists to support and amplify this guardianship through equitable partnerships with indigenous peoples to sustain and govern large-scale territories. Nia Tero also strives to inspire others to listen and apply essential lessons in the stewardship of our shared home – Earth – and the well-being of all peoples. 

To achieve this vision, Nia Tero will work alongside indigenous peoples and local communities who share a collective territory. Specifically, we seek partners with a vision for the future that maintains living connections to place and culture, and sustains inter-generational anchoring in remarkable ecosystems.


the Origin of our name

Nia Tero means “Our Earth” in Esperanto, a language created in the late 1800s to promote peace and harmony across central and eastern Europe. As the most widely spoken constructed language in the world, Esperanto is a second language to all, first to none, allowing people who speak different native languages to communicate while retaining their own language and cultural identity. This concept of unity while upholding identity embodies the heart of Nia Tero.