Indigenous peoples sustain 80% of the healthiest ecosystems on Earth: areas rich in biodiversity and systems essential to our global climate, fresh water, and food security.

Nia Tero exists to ensure that Indigenous peoples have the economic power and cultural independence to steward, support, and protect their livelihoods and territories they call home. These places are vital to us all.

Nia Tero fully supports the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

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Nia Tero is committed to working alongside Indigenous peoples in biodiverse regions central to the well-being of all humanity, from Amazonia to Pasifika to the Boreal and beyond.

Our Work

Sharing Commitments. Safeguarding Our Home.

We all benefit when Indigenous peoples have the means to protect their lands and seas. Nia Tero forges transparent and just agreements with Indigenous peoples and local communities to ensure they can successfully defend and govern their territories, manage and protect their natural resources, and pursue their livelihoods.


Delve into inspiring stories of ingenuity and action by and about Indigenous peoples around the world.

Learn about Indigenous peoples, guardianship, and the work of Nia Tero and our partners through film, podcast stories, journalism, photography, and art campaigns.

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Portrait of Victoria Tauli-Corpuz


Victoria Tauli-Corpuz and Jennifer Corpuz: The mother and daughter who fight for Indigenous rights

Sky aelans kids


Sky Aelans

Javari delegation


Javari Delegation Joins ‘Struggle for Life’ Mobilization in Brazil



Uplifting Indigenous peoples leading the way and shifting the narrative.

Nia Tero offers multiple fellowships to support Indigenous peoples’ creative endeavors, community leadership, policy-making, and cultural continuity.

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Reciprocity Project

Facing a climate crisis, the Reciprocity Project embraces Indigenous value systems that have bolstered communities since the beginning of time. To heal, we must recognize that we are in relationship with Earth, a place that was in balance for millennia. This short film series and multimedia platform, made in partnership with Indigenous storytellers and their communities worldwide, invites learning from time-honored and current Indigenous ways of being.


Working in solidarity with Indigenous peoples and movements worldwide.

We are a US-based non-profit working in solidarity with Indigenous peoples and movements worldwide. Our governing bodies, leadership, and staff are of diverse non-Indigenous and Indigenous identities and life experiences. We view this diversity as a source of our strength as a bridging organization committed to Indigenous guardianship, self-determination, and an inclusive culture guided by Indigenous wisdom, practices, worldviews, and protocols. Our North Star is the foundational principle of reciprocity, which is the interdependency and relationship between the Earth, humanity and all other species.

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