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Uplifting Indigenous Peoples leading the way and shifting the narrative

Nia Tero offers multiple fellowships to support Indigenous Peoples’ creative endeavors, community leadership, policy-making, and cultural continuity.

Nia Tero views fellowship opportunities as a pathway toward holistic networking and skill-building amongst Indigenous Peoples in their specific fields. The overarching goal across all of our fellowship programs is to amplify and uplift Indigenous voices.

Creative Fellowships

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Nia Tero offers a suite of Creative Fellowship opportunities for Indigenous makers across disciplines to further their practice, be in community, build skills, and network - all with the goal of uplifting and amplifying Indigenous creatives. This includes all forms of storytelling, inclusive of filmmaking, journalism, advanced media production, and art.

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Leadership Fellowship

Strengthening emergent leaders

The Leadership Fellows Program was established in 2018 to strengthen emergent leaders from Indigenous territories where Nia Tero partners with Indigenous organizations. The program was designed and modeled specifically after Indigenous teaching methods and concepts of leadership.

policy apprenticeship

Strengthening Indigenous organizations influencing global policies

The Policy Apprenticeship seeks to strengthen Indigenous organizations in influencing global public policies that are applied at the regional, national, and local levels, directly and indirectly impacting their territories.

Wide angle photo of people gathering in the main United Nations meeting room in New York City.

22nd Session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in New York City in April 2023. Photo by Hill Ossip

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Nia Tero's Leadership Fellows Program

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4th World Media Lab Fellow - Alex Sallee

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Storytelling Fellow - Kiliii Yuyan