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Our Work

Securing Indigenous guardianship of diverse ecosystems.

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We all benefit when Indigenous Peoples have the means to protect their lands and seas. Nia Tero forges transparent and just agreements with Indigenous Peoples and local communities to ensure they can successfully defend and govern their territories, manage and protect their natural resources, and pursue their livelihoods.

We are committed to working alongside Indigenous Peoples in geographies central to the well-being of all humanity. Our initial regions include the Pacific Islands, Amazonia, and the North American Boreal Forest of Canada, where we work with Indigenous Peoples who share a collective territory and have strong governance systems in place to protect their lands and waters. By hearing and working with Indigenous leaders, we ensure their vision guides development of sound local, national and global policies.

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Our Values

Indigenous Peoples uphold many of the planet's healthiest ecosystems, rich in biodiversity, and systems essential to the security of global food production, fresh water, and ultimately, the Earth's climate. We believe that the peoples who call these places home are the best guardians of their cultures’ vital birthplaces, and that supporting the rights and livelihoods of Indigenous Peoples, and following their leadership, is critical to the health of our planet as a whole.


Nia Tero is working with Indigenous Peoples around the world to ensure that relevant global, national, and regional policies strongly support Indigenous guardianship, and reflect and align with Indigenous spirituality and culture.

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Stories of ingenuity and action from around the globe

Storytelling builds community, creative partnerships, fellowships, grant making, media training, and communications with an emphasis on establishing credibility with Indigenous Peoples and organizations. Our dynamic framework supports and amplifies Indigenous storytellers to fortify and complement global policy priorities and strategies in the Pasifika, Northern Amazonia, and North America regions; as well as the Reciprocity Project, Wayfinders Circle and an overarching network of global Indigenous creatives.


Nia Tero directly funds Indigenous Peoples. Learn about our grantmaking to Indigenous organizations, their fiscal sponsors, and allies selected by our Indigenous partners.

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