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Take Action in Support of Indigenous Guardianship

Join us in elevating the work of our partners and supporting our shared vision of a world where Indigenous guardianship of thriving homelands and waters is enabled everywhere possible on Earth.

There are many ways you can take action alongside Nia Tero and in solidarity with our Indigenous partners. Get involved by uplifting Indigenous Peoples leading the way, sharing our campaigns, subscribing to our podcast, and engaging with our community of Indigenous creators.


Attend Upcoming Events

Nia Tero offers a wide variety of events hosted by our teams and partners. From policy panels, to screenings with Indigenous filmmakers, to webinars, to conferences on technology and innovation, take a look at our offerings and register to attend.

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Mountianfilm On Tour, Pili Ka Mo'o, Ma's House, ᎤᏕᏲᏅ (What They’ve Been Taught)

June 01, 2022 - August 01, 2023

Reciprocity Project: Educational & Community Screenings - Mountainfilm Tour

Attend or book a screening for your school or community: Ma's House, ᎤᏕᏲᏅ (What They’ve Been Taught), and Pili Ka Mo'o.

Training On The UN Framework Convention On Climate Change For Indigenous Peoples

May 25, 2023

Training On The UN Framework Convention On Climate Change For Indigenous Peoples

The UN Voluntary Fund for Indigenous Peoples and its partner institutions are organizing online training on UN bodies, mechanisms, and processes specific to Indigenous Peoples, including relevant themes.

Imagining Indigenous Cinema: New Voices, New Visions - June 2-18, 2023 - UCLA Billy Wilder Theater

June 17, 2023

Reciprocity Project: Screening - Imagining Indigenous Cinema: New Voices, New Visions

In-person screening: Diiyeghan naii Taii Tr’eedaa (We Will Walk the Trail of our Ancestors)



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Kin Theory

Join Our Family of Creators

Kin Theory is an Indigenous media makers database that fosters a global community of creators who can connect, share resources, and collaborate.


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Listen to Seedcast and leave us a review! Seedcast is a narrative podcast, produced by Nia Tero, in which we dig up, nurture, and root stories of the Indigenous experience from around the world. Seedcast can be found on Buzzsprout, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to podcasts, as well as right here on our website.

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We offer multiple fellowships to support Indigenous Peoples’ creative endeavors, community leadership, policy-making, and cultural continuity. Learn more about each opportunity on our Fellowships page, and apply to become a Nia Tero fellow.

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