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Grants to Indigenous guardians and their allies

In 2022, Nia Tero awarded $29.3M in grants, including multi-year grants, to 117 organizations that support 271 Indigenous Peoples around the world.

Nia Tero directly funds Indigenous Peoples. 92% of grants have been awarded to Indigenous organizations, their fiscal sponsors, or allies selected by our Indigenous partners to manage the funds. The remaining 8% was awarded to organizations supporting work done by Indigenous Peoples.

Nia Tero Grants Awarded 2022
2022 Grant Purpose Chart

Annual Reports

Read about our annual impact and initiatives.

As you read our annual reports, please join us in our efforts to support Indigenous Peoples to fight for their rights, retain and transmit their cultures, and sustain the deep wisdom and the vibrant health of their vast, globally significant territories.

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Read more about Nia Tero's ongoing initiatives, partnerships, and advocacy.


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Protecting Our Planet Challenge

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Philanthropic Organizations Commit $1B USD to Help Protect 30 Percent of the Ocean by 2030

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We Indigenous Peoples are Rights-Holders, not Stakeholders