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Creative Fellowships

Supporting Indigenous artists, writers, and filmmakers

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Nia Tero offers a suite of Creative Fellowship opportunities for Indigenous makers across disciplines to further their practice, be in community, build skills, and network - all with the goal of uplifting and amplifying Indigenous creatives.

This includes all forms of storytelling, inclusive of filmmaking, journalism, advanced media production, and art.

NATIVe Stand

The NATIVe Stand Fellows Programme is an international professional-development opportunity for Indigenous producers to attend the European Film Market (EFM) in Berlin with 1-2 market-ready feature film projects. The NATIVe Fellows Programme is a rare fellowship/lab opportunity exclusive to Indigenous feature film producers or producing directors to have their project(s) promoted through the NATIVe Indigenous Cinema Stand and to participate in a curated programme for the producer to make the most of their time at the EFM.

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Nia Tero’s Pacific Northwest Art Fellowship brings together creatives working in many visual disciplines, from diverse international Indigenous affiliations, across stages of their artistic development. Nia Tero is proud to provide Indigenous artists working in the Northwest of North America this opportunity for professional and personal support as part of their growing network of fellows that spans the globe.

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Film August 7, 2021

Pacific Northwest Art Fellowship - Sizzle Reel

The Nia Tero Pacific Northwest Art Fellowship uplifts the work and personal stories of the remarkable Indigenous artists who live and work in the vibrant arts scenes surrounding Nia Tero's backyard.


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Pasifik Journalism

The Pasifik Journalism Fellowship supports Native and Indigenous-led news reporting in the Pacific Islands. The Fellowship supports Indigenous journalists as individuals or pairs on stories in the Pacific that cover critical topic areas surrounding Indigenous guardianship – Indigenous Peoples' sovereign, collective care for thriving homelands and waters. Issues can span topics of Environment, Identity, Oceans, Sustainability, and Culture, though we preference stories or issues that are directly tied to Pacific Islanders’ vision to sustain the thriving island and ocean places they are a part of. Selected fellows receive a stipend and attend virtual gatherings that will support their growth as journalists and the development of their story.

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Nia Tero’s Storytelling Fellowship amplifies Indigenous creatives working on innovative projects rooted in culture, environment and story. The fellows will have access to a global stage to amplify Indigenous stories that will change the global narrative about the critical place of Indigenous Peoples in the well-being of our planet and our collective humanity.

Portrait of a young woman, Mia Kami, in a dress smiles with her hand clasped in front of her
Film January 14, 2021

Storytelling Fellow - Mia Kami

A celebration of Tongan singer and songwriter, Mia Kami. Mia shares about how music is a way to connect to culture, roots, and identity.


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Ciara Lacy


Pacific Northwest Art Fellowship Portrait - Ciara Lacy (Kanaka Maoli)

A man and two women dance in front of a waterfall


Rooted by Mia Kami

Male Artist Linley b Logan paints green bushes on a large canvas


Pacific Northwest Art Fellow - Linley B. Logan (Seneca)