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Listen to Seedcast, a narrative podcast produced by Nia Tero, where we dig up, nurture, and root stories of the Indigenous experience from around the world. The goal of Seedcast is to support the rights and traditional ways of Indigenous Peoples and amplify their practices of reciprocity. We share stories from around the world and honor guardians of the land who have lived in relationship with their traditional territories since time immemorial.

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NT Seecast 5 Plain Questions - Jeffrey Gibson - 16x9

May 24, 2023

Spotlight: 5 Plain Questions – Jeffrey Gibson


5 Plain Questions is a podcast that poses 5 general questions to Indigenous artists, creators, musicians, writers, movers and shakers, and culture bearers. 5 Plain Questions is produced by Plains Art Museum and edited by Eleven Warrior Arts LLC.


Rev Yearwood and Leo Cerda at CU Climate Wk in New York 2022

May 10, 2023

“No Climate Justice Without Racial Justice:” Rev. Yearwood and Leo Cerda with Tracy Rector


In this new episode of Seedcast, we’re asserting joy about Black and Indigenous solidarity work in the climate justice movement.


Eric Terena portrait 16x9

April 26, 2023

DJ Eric Terena: Sons Coletivos para Uma Nova Era


Na esteira de uma mudança política no Brasil em direção à justiça ambiental e aos direitos indígenas, o ativista e DJ Eric Terena (do povo indígena Terena) compartilha neste episódio de Seedcast como a música pode contribuir para o bem coletivo.


Seedcast Episode Many Lumens

April 12, 2023

Spotlight: Many Lumens with Maori Karmael Holmes - Sky Hopinka

Our first Seedcast Spotlight of the year, is about centering the stories Indigenous artists want to share and sidelining viewpoints of dominant white culture and artist spaces with Sky Hopinka and MacArthur Fellow – speaks with Maori Karmael Holmes.


Tik Tok Seedcast episode Lofanitani 16x9

March 29, 2023

Indigenous Narrative Sovereignty on TikTok


In this episode, Lofanitani speaks w/ Laura Obregón Cañola (Colombian of Indigenous / Embera Katío descent), another influencer who shares stories on TikTok to uplift Indigenous Colombian artists, decolonize folklore, & mobilize mutual aid resources.


SEEDCAST S3 E1 Eric Terena Photo Credit Tracy Rector 16x9

March 15, 2023

DJ Eric Terena: The Collective Sounds for a New Era


On the heels of a political sea change in Brazil toward environmental justice and Indigenous rights, Activist and DJ Eric Terena (of the Terena Peoples) shares how music is being used for the collective good.