Nara Baré COP26 2021 Photo Credit Tracy Rector

May 11, 2022

Indigenous Peoples Hold the Planet: A Conversation with Nara Baré


In this episode of Seedcast, meet Nara Baré, member of the Baré Nation. Nara shares how her educational pursuits prepared her to join the larger movement to support land sovereignty for Indigenous peoples across the Brazilian Amazon.


We Are the Wayfinders Circle

April 28, 2022

We Are the Wayfinders Circle

The Wayfinders Circle was launched as a network dedicated to unleashing the transformative potential of Indigenous lifeways, inspiring all people to reimagine development, land guardianship, and the way they relate to each other and to Mother Earth.


Seedcast en Español El Barco de Sueños Cómo los Achuar Adoptaron la Energía Solar

April 27, 2022

Seedcast en Español: El Barco de Sueños - Cómo los Achuar Adoptaron la Energía Solar


En este episodio de Seedcast en español, miembros del pueblo Achuar de Ecuador comparten su viaje hacia el transporte impulsado por energía solar.


John Reid Marga on a river boat

April 14, 2022

Nia Tero Has Its Own Famous Writer – His Name is John Reid

Margarita Mora

In this interview with John Reid, Nia Tero's Senior Economist, learn about his motivation, influences, and experience of writing "Ever Green: Saving Big Forests to Save the Planet" with Thomas E. Lovejoy.


Person standing with graduation cap and gown in front of water and mountains.

April 13, 2022

A State of Perpetual Memory: Native Identity Through Connection to Land


There is no singular Indigenous experience. We take a walk with five Indigenous peoples from five different regions of Turtle Island to hear their stories about their identities, their cultures, and their connections to land.


Kin Theory, a global network of Indigenous media makers, "Creating Impact Through Solidarity " poster event

April 6, 2022

Kin Theory Panel: "Creating Impact Through Solidarity" at Big Sky Documentary Film Festival 2022

Kin Theory

Watch a recording of the Big Sky Doc Shop Kin Theory panel at Big Sky Documentary Film Festival 2022, focused on holding discussion around impact and solidarity across BIPOC film spaces and activities.