November 22, 2023

Spotlight: The Native Seed Pod - Indigenous Food Warriors with Chef Crystal Wahpepah


“If you want to talk about the Indigenous Food Warrior, that's what we all are. We're here to protect. We're here to give. We're here to heal.” - Chef Crystal Wahpepah (Kickapoo)


Indigenous dancers on stage

November 8, 2023

‘Weʻve Become Paolo for Everyone’: Creating UTOPIA for Queer and Trans Pacific Islanders


“I'm sacred, the next person is sacred, and all life is sacred. That connection we have to each other and to all forms of life is sacred and must be cherished."


Riverboat trapped on a sandbank during one of the worst droughts ever recorded in the Brazilian Amazon.

November 3, 2023

Historic Drought Threatens Indigenous Lives and Ecosystems in the Amazon

In the Brazilian Amazon, an ongoing historic drought poses a significant threat to Indigenous Peoples, local communities and entire ecosystems.


Directors of film Tuhaymani’chi Pal Waniqa’ (The Water Flows Always) in their home land, the Mojave Desert

October 25, 2023

Tuhaymani'chi Pal Waniqa (The Water Flows Always) in the Mojave Desert


For this episode of Seedcast, let’s meet in the Mojave Desert in a spot where we can gaze upon Mamápukaiv, also known as the Old Woman Mountains.


Jeremy dutcher

October 11, 2023

Wolastoqey Sounds Like This: Jeremy Dutcher - Live On KEXP


Today we’re listening to music that is an act of language revitalization and a crafted response to the crises we collectively face.


Gathering outside the Seattle City Center Jeremy Dutcher and Nia Tero Fellows

October 5, 2023

Indigenous Language is Land, is Sovereignty

Michelle Hurtubise

Kin Theory brings musician Jeremy Dutcher and Nia Tero Fellows together with KEXP at the 2023 Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF).