Indigenous Sovereignty

Vina Brown (Heiltsuk) and Heiltsuk and Haida dancers at the ceremonial gathering before the meetings began welcomed participants.

June 5, 2024

Asserting Our Power by Connecting with Each Other: Growing Interest in a US Network of Indigenous Guardians

Michael Painter and Nancy Kelsey

Young Lummi Nation Blackhawk  dancers filled a hall in northern Washington State with joy and hope at a gathering in April.


Filming GATH & K’IYH in honor of king salmon and birch trees, in Alaska near the Boreal Trail. (From left to right: Tracy Rector, Princess Daazhraii Johnson, Yo-Yo Ma and Adeline Peter Raboff).

December 21, 2023

Joy is an Act of Reciprocity

By Tracy Rector, Managing Director, Storytelling

Family, community, and deep connections to land, language, spirituality, and culture are invaluable sources of joy and strength for many global Indigenous Peoples who are reclaiming and reshaping their stories about Indigenous life.


Gathering outside the Seattle City Center Jeremy Dutcher and Nia Tero Fellows

October 5, 2023

Indigenous Language is Land, is Sovereignty

Michelle Hurtubise

Kin Theory brings musician Jeremy Dutcher and Nia Tero Fellows together with KEXP at the 2023 Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF).