c I Ne DIGENOUS Drive In Movies with Seattle International Film Festival


cINeDIGENOUS: Drive-In Movies with Seattle International Film Festival

April 16, 2021


Date & Time: Friday, April 16th. Show begins at dusk. Movies will run rain or shine.

Topic: Experience Seattle International Film Festival's Indigenous Programming at the Drive-In!

Location: Blue Fox Drive-In Theater (Oak Harbor, WA)

Tickets: FREE and open to the public! Advance registration is required. Register through Eventbrite.

*1 Ticket Per Car. First come, first serve. 300 capacity. Tickets/proof of registration required for admission.

About The Event: Nia Tero is excited to bring you Indigenous-made films from around the world in partnership with Seattle International Film Festival. We strive to uplift, amplify, and celebrate Indigenous voices and stories, and make them accessible to Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples here in Coast Salish territory. A drive-in experience provides a fun, safe environment to gather in community during these times.

Fruits of Labor - Fruits of Labor is a character-driven account that explores universal themes of how a young Chicanx woman in high school navigates family obligations, life as a farmworker, and the desire to pursue her dreams despite the predicaments of our times. Learn more about this film: https://www.fruitsoflaborfilm.com/The Song of the Butterflies - Rember Yahuarcani, a member of the Uitoto Nation, struggles in his every existence to find new artistic inspiration. He returns home to the forests to learn the stories of how his people were nearly extinguished and how his loving grandmother survived to nurture the memories of their ancestors. Watch the trailer: https://youtu.be/MumsbqIAeus

Drive-In Guidelines:

These guidelines apply to all events and movies taking place at the Blue Fox Drive-In!Tune your radio to 88.7FM to listen to the show!We do have radios for rent. We rent them for $3 and a photo ID which we return after the radio is returned.If you plan to visit The Backlot Tavern, please let us know so you can keep your I.D.

Coronavirus Guidelines:

1. If you or your family are sick or think you may have been exposed to someone that has contracted COVID-19, please stay home!

2. To help protect our employees and guests, face coverings that cover the mouth and nose must be worn when outside a vehicle. This requirement does not apply to children under the age of 2 or to individuals who are unable to wear a face covering due to a medical condition.

3. Please practice Social/Physical distancing when outside your vehicles. We have placed floor markings to help with distancing measures. Please monitor your children and only bring as many people as necessary to the Snack Bar and Restrooms.

4. We are limiting the number of guests in our Snack Bar and Restrooms at a time. Please follow staff directions on when you may enter these buildings.

5. Please use the hand sanitizer before entering the Snack Bar. If you have sensitive skin, you may wish to bring your own.