Two people stand in front of a movie marquee


Reciprocity Project: Community Screening of ᎤᏕᏲᏅ (What They’ve Been Taught)

January 22, 2022


Date & Times: January 22, 2022 at 2 PM CST, 3 PM Reception

Location: Circle Cinema

Speakers/Moderators/Panelists: Brit Hensel

More Details:

  • Open to the Public: yes/community
  • FREE screening with special guests Sterlin Harjo (Reservation Dogs co-creator), Brit Hensel (ᎤᏕᏲᏅ director), and Keli Gonzales (ᎤᏕᏲᏅ Associate Producer) sponsored by Crazy Eagle Media and Nia Tero
  • 2pm reception
  • 3pm film screening with intro by Sterlin Harjo and Q&A with filmmakers
  • All tickets are free and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis on the day of the show.
  • An official selection for the 2022 Sundance Film Festival, ᎤᏕᏲᏅ (pronounced oo-de-yo-NUH) is a film by Brit Hensel with Keli Gonzales. It explores expressions of reciprocity in the Cherokee world, brought to life through a story told by an elder and first language speaker. According to the Sundance Institute, Hensel is the first woman who is a citizen of Cherokee Nation to direct an official selection at the festival.
  • ᎤᏕᏲᏅ is one of seven films from season one of Reciprocity Project, a co-production of Nia Tero and Upstander Project in association with REI Co-op Studios, which is working to create a paradigm shift that reframes our relationships to the Earth, other living beings, and one another.