Official selection - big sky documentary film festival 2022


Reciprocity Project: Indigenous Made Shorts - In Person

February 25, 2022


Date & Time: February 25, 2022 at 6:00 PM MNT

Location: Big Sky Film Festival

More Details: Open to the Public- yes

Speakers/Moderators/Panelists: Filmmaker Q&A, Performance by singer songwriter Jennifer Kreisberg (Tuscarora, North Carolina)

Facing a climate crisis, the Reciprocity Project embraces Indigenous value systems that have bolstered communities since the beginning of time. To heal, we must recognize that we are in relationship with Earth, a place that was in balance until the Industrial Age.

Big Sky is honored to present the world premiere of the Reciprocity Project, a short film series and multimedia platform from Nia Tero and Upstander Project. Made in partnership with Indigenous storytellers and their communities worldwide, the Reciprocity Project invites learning from time-honored and current Indigenous ways of being.

Join us following the premiere for Q&A with the filmmakers and a very special performance from singer songwriter Jennifer Kreisberg (Tuscarora, North Carolina).

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