Four people stand on a hillside looking outward over threes and water

Fukumitsu ‘ohana overlook the land


Reciprocity Project: Screening - Environmental Film Festival Australia

December 10, 2022


Date & Time: December 10, 2022 @ 15:00

Topic: Pili Ka Mo'o

Location: ACMI Cinema 1, Naarm (Melbourne)

More Details: Sovereign Shorts #1 reflects on myth, storytelling, and the interconnection between ancestral knowledge and the present day.

This powerful collection thoughtfully portrays stories from First Nations communities across the world: Sámi female-centric mythology and traditions are explored through the ethereal and empowering Háldi; the lyrical Kii Nche Ndutsa shares the poetic considerations of an Indigenous Mesoamerican, pondering family, history and their connection through corn; the moving documentary Pili Ka Mo'o platforms Kanaka Maoli protection and the fight to save a sacred Hawaiian burial site, against a backdrop of judicial proceedings and Hollywood invasion; the history and ecology of Turtle Island is enhanced through dreamy animations in The Fourfold and Premonition: On the Eve of Signing Treaty 6; and Australian water guardianship is explored through two powerful Aboriginal films, the poetic and graceful Veins of the Country (featuring Elder Gooniyandi artist Mervyn Street) and the impactful Warbundar Bununu: Water Shield (following a young leader demanding change when Government and bureaucracy lets his community down).

Sovereign Shorts #1 showcases the voices of First Nations Peoples from across Canada, Sápmi, Mexico, the United States and Australia, through animation, documentary and storytelling. This screening will include opening speeches and ceremony.

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