Reimagining Forests - The Role of Regenerative Forestry in Biodiversity Restoration

September 21, 2023


Date & Time: Thursday, September 21st, 2023 from 11:00am – 11:45am ET

Location: World Biodiversity Summit

Topic: Forests are crucial pillars of our ecosystem, hosting over 80% of terrestrial biodiversity and maintaining Earth's ecological balance. This session will present innovative practices and their potential to propel a nature-positive economic transition, enhance ecosystem resilience, and facilitate the successful implementation of the Global Biodiversity Framework. Speakers will examine the role of financial mechanisms in fostering regenerative forest management, a critical step towards achieving climate resilience and biodiversity conservation.


  • Jing Tauli Corpuz, Managing Director, Policy, Nia Tero (Kankanaey Igorot, Philippines)
  • Paul Rosolie, Founder, Junglekeepers
  • Harry Quicke, Senior Science Fellow, Envu
  • Dr. Susan Gardner, Director, Ecosystems Division, UNEP
  • Kristian Teleki, CEO Fauna & Flora