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April 13, 2023

Indigenous Storytelling Honored by The Webby Awards

"Nia Tero Initiatives Center Indigenous Stories with Essential Knowledge for Healing the Planet"

SEATTLE, WA (April 12, 2023) – Two Indigenous-made storytelling projects supported by Nia Tero have been honored by the 2023 Webby Awards. Seedcast, a podcast about Indigenous experiences of relationship to the Earth, is nominated for Best Podcast Episode in the area of Arts & Culture. Reciprocity Project, a global storytelling movement supporting Indigenous creatives, is an honoree in the category of “Websites and Mobile Sites - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.”

“Indigenous stories are essential for being in better relationship with the planet,” said Tracy Rector, Managing Director, Storytelling at Nia Tero. “In order to bring more of these important narratives into the world, along with invaluable long-held knowledge and practices from their communities, it is our responsibility to provide support and resources for learning, creating, and building together. “

Over 14,000 entries were submitted to the Webby’s this year from more than 70 countries. As a nominee, Seedcast is part of the top 10%. The podcast is in its third season. Past episodes have centered voices from around the world, including guests from Cherokee Nation, the Terena Peoples of Brazil, Baré Nation of Venezuela and Brazil, the Achuar of Ecuador, and the Gabbra of Kenya.

Voting for Seedcast for a Webby People’s Voice Award is open through April 20, 2023. Online voting can be found here.

Reciprocity Project’s inaugural season of films screened at over 125 festivals and events, including Sundance, and have been seen by over 150,000 people.

“Being an honoree in this year’s Webby’s is humbling,” said Reciprocity Project series producer Adam Mazo, who is also Creative Director of Upstander Project. "It’s a chance for us to share widely the importance of reciprocity in creating a sense of shared responsibility and mutual benefit, particularly in the context of climate justice and social justice.”

The next season of Reciprocity Project is in production with filmmakers from Kenya, Finland, Sierra Leone, Rotuma, Taiwan, Arikara Nation, and Mohawk Nation. Reciprocity Project is a collaboration between Nia Tero and Upstander Project in association with REI Co-op Studios. Enjoy Reciprocity Project films, discussion guides, photography, and more at:

Nia Tero is a nonprofit dedicated to working in solidarity with Indigenous Peoples to strengthen guardianship of Earth and all beings.

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