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Reciprocity Project Filmmakers Cohort2 Introduction v6

June 24, 2022

Introducing the Reciprocity Project Season Two Cohort

Reciprocity Project

On behalf of the entire Reciprocity Project team, we are honored to announce the Reciprocity Project Season Two cohort!

Together, these artists form an inspiring and diverse cohort of Indigenous filmmakers and storytellers, spanning across continents. On that note, in lieu of introducing each person alphabetically, we've listed them below in order of when the sun first reaches them each day:

  • Letila Mitchell (Rotuman) is a practicing multimedia and performance artist. She is an experienced cultural producer, artistic director, artist and performer and is dedicated to creative projects that deliver positive social change for Indigenous Peoples.
  • Laha Mebow (Tayal) is Taiwan’s first female aboriginal film director. Laha’s second film “Hang In There, Kids” won five prizes at the 2016 Taipei Film Festival, including Grand Prize and Best Director, and was Taiwan’s entry for Best Foreign Language Film at the 2016 Academy Awards.
  • Laissa Malih (IL-Laikipiak Maasai) is the first female filmmaker in her community with interests in documenting, linking, amplifying, and scaling up youth and women’s voices across diverse Indigenous cultures in Kenya and the world.
  • Sunná Nousuniemi (Sámi and Finnish) (she/they) is an artist and cultural worker born and raised in Anár, Sápmi. Using film, discussion, music and memes as her tools, Nousuniemi explores different ways of participating in building more livable communities through art.
  • Lansana Mansaray “Barmmy Boy” (Limba) is an EMMY and PEABODY nominated filmmaker based in Sierra Leone. He is currently the director of the documentary, The New Boats, premiering on ARTE in June 2022.
  • Katsitsionni Fox (Mohawk) is a filmmaker producing and directing documentaries focused on empowering stories of resilient Indigenous women across Turtle Island.
  • Justin Deegan (MHA Nation) is a theatre actor and former policy analyst turned self-made filmmaker and photographer from North Dakota. Justin’s focus is on oral history documentaries.

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