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22nd session of the united nations permanent forum on indigenous issues

May 18, 2023

Reforesting Our Minds: Indigenous Messages and Presence at the 22nd UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

At the 22nd Session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, Indigenous leaders from around the world shared messages on the significance of this political meeting, goals for the Forum, and what makes this gathering of Indigenous Peoples so unique.

Hear from:

• Laura George (Kapong / Akawaio | Guyana) - Amerindian Peoples Association
• Benjamín Ilabaca (Rapa Nui People | Rapa Nui) - Municipalidad de Rapa Nui & Wayfinders Circle
• Maximilian Ooft (Kaliña People | Suriname) - Vereniging van Inheemse Dorpshoofden in Suriname (VIDS)
• Jennifer Tauli Corpuz (Kankana-ey Igorot | Philippines) - Nia Tero
• Puyr Tembé (Tembé People | Brazil) - Indigenous Peoples Rights International
• Josefina Tunki Tiris (Shuar People | Ecuador) - Pueblo Shuar Arutam
• Nayap Atilio Santiago Velazquez (Wampis Nation | Peru) - Gobierno Territorial Autónomo de la Nación Wampis & Wayfinders Circle

For more about Nia Tero and our partners' work on Indigenous rights, click here.

Video Credits:

  • Director of Photography: Hanna Wallis
  • Producer: Hill Ossip
  • Assistant Camera: Pablo Monsalve
  • Editor: Hanna Wallis
  • Graphic Design: Cindy Chischilly
  • Additional Footage Provided by: Hanna Wallis, Pablo Monsalve, Hill Ossip, Nancy Kelsey, Nathalie Figueroa
  • With Support from: Carmen Rosa Guerra Ariza, Sharon Austin, Joel Cerda, Bruno Weis