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Women standing with first raised next to painting on a pillar next to a river with two people in indigenous face paint and slogan t-shirts

August 9, 2021

Today is International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples


Join us today, on International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples, as we celebrate and uplift nine incredible Indigenous women leaders from across the world who have made significant contributions to Indigenous rights and guardianship.

In partnership with Amplifier design lab, we are launching the Thriving Peoples. Thriving Places. campaign as a timely reflection and embodiment of the focus of the UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26), to be held in Glasgow on October 31 – November 12, 2021, when leadership from across the globe will come together with the purpose of collectively tackling climate change.

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The activists, artists, and scholars at the heart of this campaign exemplify the ideals of guardianship, kinship, reciprocity, and wisdom. Their voices, work, and leadership benefit not only their own peoples and communities, but all of us who share this planet — which is why now, more than ever, we must celebrate them, listen to them, and most importantly, follow their lead.

Help us spread the word! There is a role for YOU to play on International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples: