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Trailer Weckuwapok The Approaching Dawn

February 25, 2022

Trailer: Weckuwapok (The Approaching Dawn)

Co-directors (alphabetically): Jacob Bearchum, Taylor Hensel, Adam Mazo, Chris Newell, Roger Paul, Kavita Pillay, Tracy Rector, and Lauren Stevens

On these traditional homelands, Waponahkik (the people of the dawn land) bring gratitude to the sun where it first looks our way. Song and stories invite us to accept the new day and put behind us any harm done the day before. These are relational lessons shared from ancestors since time immemorial.

Featuring in collaboration Passamaquoddy citizens Christopher Newell, Roger Paul, and Lauren Stevens; and Yo-Yo Ma.

“Just before the sun peaks over the horizon, weckuwapok, the approaching dawn, has magical power. We believe that moment is full of promise, possibility, and power; a gift about to be given. This is what we celebrate in our film: reverence for our awareness of dawn breaking and an opportunity for the pomawsuwinuwok — standing bears, the human beings — to reconnect with the energy that gives us all life. Wabanaki languages are manuals for sustainability if we take the time to listen and share. Gathered at Moneskatik for weckuwapok, we welcomed the day with stories and music wishing we could all be together, so this film is our gift to bring the magic to you.” — Jacob, Taylor, Adam, Chris, Roger, Kavita, Tracy, and Lauren

Weckuwapok (The Approaching Dawn) is part of Reciprocity Project, a co-production of Nia Tero and Upstander Project, in association with REI Co-op Studios.

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