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NT Seecast 5 Plain Questions - Jeffrey Gibson - 16x9

May 24, 2023

Spotlight: 5 Plain Questions – Jeffrey Gibson


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We’re overjoyed to share with you an episode from 5 Plain Questions, a podcast hosted by Joe Williams (Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate). In this episode, Joe talks with Jeffrey Gibson (Choctaw/Cherokee), an artist who exemplifies the care of community and the sharing of resources that makes a difference for so many Indigenous peoples for collective benefit. Jeffrey speaks about the progression of his art, from his formal training as a painter to his more recent work in immersive installations incorporating “a lot of materials that I would find in the vendor circuit of powows.” 5 Plain Questions is a project of the Plains Art Museum in Fargo, North Dakota, and we’re grateful to host and producer Joe Williams for sharing this episode with us.

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