Portrait of Peter Seligmann

March 1, 2021

CEO Spotlight: “Securing Indigenous Guardianship of Vital Ecosystems” - Q&A with Nia Tero CEO Peter Seligmann

Seligmann is one of the best-known and most influential figures in conservation. After beginning his career at The Nature Conservancy, Seligmann co-founded Conservation International (CI) in 1987.


Indigenous peoples in Paramaribo streets

March 1, 2021

Indigenous Peoples in Suriname Intensify Struggle for their Rights

By Max Ooft

Suriname is the only country in the Americas with Indigenous peoples and also Maroon tribal peoples, that has no comprehensive legislation on the rights of Indigenous and Tribal Peoples.


A young man carries an elder on his back through the jungle

February 1, 2021

Indigenous Advocacy Leads to Early Vaccination in Remote Territories

By John Reid, Senior Economist and Partnership Lead, Nia Tero

Brazil has drawn attention for the collapse of the Manaus’ hospitals, overwhelmed by waves of COVID-19, and for the plague denial and anti-Indigenous posture of the country’s president.


A women sits in a group with other people during a conference

February 1, 2021

Reconnecting Cook Islands Youth with Land, Sea, and Maori Values

By Rose Winters

In the heart of the South Pacific lies the Cook Islands – a nation of 15 small islands scattered across a vast ocean – where the people have lived closely with nature since their arrival thousands of years ago.


Colombian amazon indigenous peoples dancing

January 1, 2021

Indigenous Peoples Take Action in the Colombian Amazon

By David Rothschild, Senior Partnership Lead, Nia Tero

OPIAC, created in 1995, champions the struggle for the recognition and defense of human and territorial rights, conservation of biodiversity, and autonomous self-development of the Indigenous peoples of the region.


A ladder leans against a large painting of an elder women in front of a sunset

December 1, 2020

Every day is Indigenous People's Day

From October 13th to November 30th, in partnership with Amplifier and IllumiNative, we raised awareness about Indigenous leadership on racial justice issues and environmental protections.