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Trailer Sukujula Tei by David Hernandez Palmar

February 25, 2022

Trailer: Sukujula Tei by David Hernandez Palmar

David Hernandez Palmar with Flor Palmar (Wayuu Iipuana)

During a visit to her sister Amaliata, Rosa, a wise Wayuu woman, teaches her grandchildren the importance of reciprocity within their culture.

“This film shares a memory of my mother's childhood, and I adapted it to recreate a parable of reciprocity through an everyday encounter of Wayuu people, visually inspired by the stories of Ramón Paz Ipuana, a great Wayuu writer. The mise-en-scene embraces the simplicity of everyday life with hints of Indigenous futurism that suggest that our future is a return to a community aesthetic. I feel that the camera is like a spirit that was also visiting the set.

Making this film reaffirms that Indigenous Peoples can make movies and tell their own stories even under adverse conditions. When dreamers come together, we can achieve a beautiful result.” — David Hernandez Palmar

SŪKŪJULA TEI (Stories of My Mother) is part of Reciprocity Project, a co-production of Nia Tero and Upstander Project, in association with REI Co-op Studios.

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