Indigenous Rights

Women standing with first raised next to painting on a pillar next to a river with two people in indigenous face paint and slogan t-shirts

August 9, 2021

Today is International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

Join us today, on International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples, as we celebrate and uplift nine incredible Indigenous women leaders from across the world who have made significant contributions to Indigenous rights and guardianship.


Man in guyana river

June 1, 2021

Indigenous Peoples' Representation in Guyana

By Sharon Austin

Guyana was initially colonized by the Europeans, who brought enslaved Africans to work on their plantations in the 17th century.


Portrait of a smiling man in glasses and backwards hat, Raven Two Feathers, standing in front of a brightly painted wall

May 21, 2021

Pacific Northwest Art Fellow - Raven Two Feathers (Cherokee/Seneca/Cayuga/Comanche)

The Nia Tero Pacific Northwest Arts Fellowship uplifts the work and personal stories of the remarkable Indigenous artists who live and work in the vibrant arts scenes surrounding Nia Tero's backyard.


Tepoerau Mai

May 1, 2021

Announcing the First Two Sue Taei Ocean Fellows: Tepoerau Mai and Te Aomihia Walker

Tepoerau Mai and Te Aomihia Walker both bring the insights of Indigenous knowledge to some of the most pressing challenges for sustainable development in the Pacific region.


Sharon Austin

May 1, 2021

Amazonia Team Spotlight: Meet Sharon Austin

By Margarita Mora

At Nia Tero we have the privilege of working with Indigenous leaders from all over the world. Sharon Austin, Nia Tero’s regional lead for the Amazon, is one of them.


View of the night sky looking up through trees

April 15, 2021

Indigenous Guardianship

As it has been since time immemorial, Indigenous guardians are the dedicated human stewards who honor the cultural responsibility of taking care of the Earth’s vital ecosystems.