Garden Walkthrough by Jared Lank

March 2, 2023

Reimagining Brilliant Black and Indigenous Futures

Tracy Rector

By coming together in reciprocity and kinship, Black, Black-Indigenous, Afro-Indigenous, and Indigenous communities are fueling a collective movement to reimagine brilliant Black and Indigenous futures.


Gradient image with person riding horse

February 17, 2023

Indigenous Storytelling and Narrative Sovereignty at Big Sky Documentary Film Festival 2023

Nancy Kelsey

Nia Tero is proud to be a sponsor the 2023 Big Sky Documentary Film Festival - a trusted longtime ally to Indigenous Peoples and advocate for narrative sovereignty. The Festival convenes annually in Missoula, Montana. Learn more and join in!


A samaúma tree in the Javari Valley Indigenous Territory in Brazil

February 10, 2023

Brazil-U.S. Cooperation is Key for Global Forest Conservation

John Reid and Paulo Moutinho

*This article was originally published on Brazilian President Lula and US President Biden are set to discuss topics including the US joining the Amazon Fund, aimed at fighting deforestation in Brazil. Read on for commentary.


Fora Garimpo 16x9

February 8, 2023

Yanomami Face a Humanitarian Crisis in the Amazon

Daniela Lerda

In recent weeks, one of the most serious humanitarian crises of our time has finally gained public attention in Brazil and around the world. Learn more about the situation and ways you can support the Yanomami.


Photo courtesy of Razelle Benally (Oglala Lakota/Diné) from the film MURDER IN BIG HORN.

January 18, 2023

Narrative Sovereignty is Reaffirming Indigenous Guardianship at Sundance Film Festival

Nancy Kelsey

At the Sundance Film Festival, taking place January 19-29 in Utah, audiences will have a robust selection of a dozen Indigenous made films that tell the stories of the first peoples from lands around the world. Nia Tero is proud to support Sundance.


Jennifer (Jing) Tauli Corpuz. Photo by Matthew Omilianowski.

December 23, 2022

Q&A with Jennifer (Jing) Tauli Corpuz on COP15 Goals and Outcomes

Nancy Kelsey and Jennifer (Jing) Tauli Corpuz

We reflect on the outcomes of COP15, the UN Convention on Biological Diversity, with Jennifer (Jing) Tauli Corpuz (Kankana-ey Igorot), Nia Tero Managing Director of Policy.